Just Indie Comics

Perfect Hair by Tommi Parrish

72 pages
6.2 × 8.9 inches
full color offset

A vivid cross-section of relationships, identity, and the gradations of emotion that color them.

Tommi parrish is a cartoonist who lives in-between Melbourne, Australia and Montreal. Their work has appeared in various anthologies, magazines, mini comics, gallery shows in New York, Argentina, and throughout Australia. Tommi has work in the permanent collection at the gallery of Western Australia and has presented talks and workshops for the Melbourne Writers Festival, the Emerging Writers Festival, and the Girls Write Up Festival.

Parrish is great at making panels that you can both read and linger over. The locations and bodies are exaggerated to reach a more realistic and sensorial state. This is an awesome debut comic.
— Dash Shaw

Parrish has one of my favourite traits in a cartoonist: intense passion for the craft. They are rapidly evolving and experimenting wildly and it’s joyful to watch.
— Simon Hanselmann

17 EUR