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Kilgore Quarterly #7

Various, 64 pages, perfect bound, b/w with color covers

This issue of "Kilgore Quarterly" focuses on longer short works from artists who have orphaned stories. Some of these appeared elsewhere, have gone out of print, and need to be read by more people, some are from forthcoming works, and some just needed a home. Included are:
Dappled Light by Summer Pierre - In this story, Summer delivers five pages of nostalgia that is touching and sad without getting overly sweet. If you are unfamiliar with her, please check her out. She makes autobiographical comics that are actually interesting, and her artwork will pull you in.
Steve McQueen has Vanished by Tim Lane - In this 18-page excerpt from his forthcoming book on McQueen, Tim shows that his book will not simply be an autobiography. Instead, he takes facts and fiction and melds them all with his own psyche, making this a semi-fictional, autobiographical, biography.
I Told You So by Joseph Remnant - This 16-page story originally appeared in a 2D Cloud collection, and is worth repeating. It's a story of obsession, of art, and of love, and not at all in the hackneyed way we're used to seeing those three elements woven together. As always, Joseph's drawing is warm and inviting and we're excited to put out another fine Remnant piece.
K. Trout Makes a Move - A great four-pager from Sam Spina. We've worked with Sam a lot, and we've always said he's one of the nicest guys in comics. Well, he's also one of the funniest, and his time at the Cartoon Networks, 'The Regular Show' has really helped him fine-tune his gag writing ability.
The Desk by Leslie Stein - This twelve pager originally appeared as an Oily $1 minicomic. It's a delightful story of a young girl playing, and the tension that comes about. It's not sappy, it's really funny, and we love it.
Also included in this issue are two hand-written interviews conducted with the Norwegian cartoonist Jason, and the American rock star Grace Slick, who used to front Jefferson Airplane. Jason did the covers, which are based on a classic Margritte painting, and the incredible Herb Greene let us use one of his 1967 pictures of Grace for the interview, which we really appreciate.
12 EUR