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Cinema Zenit #1 by Andrea Bruno

Cinema Zenit #1 by Andrea Bruno

32 pages, b/w, 30x42, 2014
italian/english, 16 euro

A young, foreign woman arrives in a nocturnal, dynamic and decaying city, filled with tensions between the inhabitants and the dwelling forces. Through incidents and unexpected encounters, we follow her as she gets closer to the forbidden core of the old town, surrounded by a sense of mystery. Cinema Zenit is a peculiar consumption experience, with an atmosphere that matches a classic and elaborated kind of storytelling with a visionary glimpse resembling the work of directors such as Sokurov and Tarkovskij.

"You feel like looking at the pages from Cinema Zenit for hours, as parts of stories as well as autonomous and unique artworks"
Andrea Bellini
(Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève)

16 EUR