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Book of Mazzate vol. 1 (Re-Edition Blue Version 2018)

Book of Mazzate vol. 1 (Re-Edition Blue Version 2018)

Paperback, Soft Cover, 160 pag. black and white, A5 format, English language

The first fight club for comicbook artists!
Simone Angelini VS Matteo Farinella, Cammello, Enrico Pantani, Stonino, Spugna, Salvatore Giommarresi, Marco Galli, Pedro Mancini and Dr Pira.

One day The Great Council of the Fist visited Simone Angelini in his dreams and ordered him to draw and train a team of the most ferocious fighters representing The Mazzate Dojo in the biggest mixed martial arts competition of the universe : The intergalactic tournament of MAZZATE!
The champion will have the complete dominance of all creation so you can boast your universe-ruling status with your friends at the bar.

If you want to participate in the tournament and strive for the final victory, create a new fighter with a short biography for them and send it to mazzatemazzate@gmail.com c/o The Mazzate Dojo.
The Great Council Of The Fist will evaluate your signing up request and if you are admitted you’ll receive the rules of the tournament.

Good Luck! 
For info: http://mazzatemazzate.tumblr.com
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